Luganodes will be attending the world’s first Staking Summit hosted by Staking Rewards

Luganodes takes immense pleasure in announcing that we will be attending the world’s first Staking Summit hosted by Staking Rewards in Lisbon, Portugal on 8th November 2022. Luganodes is also the lead sponsor for this event, and we look forward to collaborating with the community and leaders in the space.

The event envisions bringing together the foremost experts and investors from across the industry, with notable speakers from networks like Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, and supporters of the web3 sphere, to chart the prospects of crypto’s rapidly growing $300+ billion staking ecosystem after the Ethereum Merge.

Anuj Shankar, the CEO of Luganodes, and Subash SN, the CTO of Luganodes, will attend the summit as panel speakers and share the story of the unprecedented growth of Luganodes in a keynote.

The Staking Summit will be conducted as a part of Lisbon’s Blockchain Month. As staking advances towards institutional adoption, it becomes important that behavioural insights and best practices associated with validator operation and governance be discussed, and adopted by the wider industry. Summits like this provide a platform for experts and veterans to accomplish this mission and address some of the staking’s most pressing questions. The event will provide opportunities for in-person networking, keynotes, and panels with abundant possibilities to collaborate, learn, and meet the people behind the protocols. It is backed by the sponsorship of leading industry names such as Obol Labs, Luganodes, Tencent, Meta Pool, Allnodes, Ankr, Tenderize, GlobalStake, Sikka Money, and Staking Facilities.

“Outside of Bitcoin, mining is dead and Proof of Stake is the new king but for an industry with such huge monetary value, surprisingly little discussion and collaboration is happening between different protocols. We need to fix that.”, mentioned the Staking Rewards CEO Mirko Schmiedl, talking about the significance of the upcoming event. He added, “The more we can learn from each other, the more robust and valuable the ecosystem as a whole will be. This is what The Staking Summit sets out to achieve, to answer the collective question: where does staking go next?”

The CEO of Luganodes expressed his excitement and admiration for the upcoming summit. “Luganodes is honored to be a part of the Staking Summit. This revolutionary step is bound to inspire more such initiatives, and hence incentivize staking to mass adoption. As the world’s fastest-growing staking provider and an advocate of providing top-notch staking services to our customers, this summit is the perfect opportunity for Luganodes to convene with notable figures in the PoS sphere and contribute to the development of this field.”

Luganodes is a Swiss-based institutional-grade staking service provider that provides world-class blockchain infrastructure to PoS networks. Luganodes is the world’s fastest-growing staking provider with over ~$500 million worth of staked assets and with live validator nodes on several PoS networks. Measurable operational KPIs attest to our performance on live networks, where Luganodes maintains 100% uptime with no missed blocks. We value the trust and support of the Staking Rewards community in the efforts vested by Luganodes in building its robustness and efficiency and look forward to transforming the web3 space with them by our side. As a verified provider (AAA rated) on the Staking Rewards platform and among the top 10 staking providers in their pool of trusted providers, Luganodes is beyond excited to attend the Staking Summit and collaborate and share with the pioneers of the staking industry.

Staking Rewards is the leading data aggregator for the rapidly growing $300 billion+ crypto staking industry, used by more than 400,000 investors, analysts, and crypto community enthusiasts globally.

The Staking Summit is set to be held at LX Factory in Lisbon from 9 AM to 7 PM, and is limited to 500 attendees. There will also be an exclusive party for VIP ticket holders afterward.

Book your tickets today: The Staking Summit Tickets, Tue, Nov 8, 2022, at 8:30 AM | Eventbrite



The fastest growing staking prodigy of Lugano Plan B, an initiative driven by the city of Lugano and Tether.

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The fastest growing staking prodigy of Lugano Plan B, an initiative driven by the city of Lugano and Tether.